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Welcome to our site.

We at RPL Raedale welcome you to our site, and assure you of our immediate Attention to your requirements. Please contact us should you not be able to find the product or Item you are looking for and we will be pleased to follow up with you and assist with your requirement.

RPL Raedale have been supplying specially selected Quality Products for the Radio Communications Industry for over 40 Years.

RPL is one of the leading suppliers of RF Communication Antenna Combining Products, Tone Signaling Products, Control Panels, Duplexers, Attenuator Products, & an extended range of associated Accessories.

Raedale Manufacture a range of Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) to assist in shaded area coverage, we also manufacture a full range of passively cooled Equipment Shelters, Raedale have registered designs for the “PASSCOOL” Range of Equipment Shelters and have them Manufactured in a large range of sizes.
Mobile & Milled Duplexers
Mobile & Milled Duplexers, UHF/VHF Now available for more click here... more...

RPL Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs)
The purpose of the BDA is to improve signal coverage in shaded areas
such as inside buildings, tunnels, mines & worksites.......Click here for more...

Editors Comment
Supplying reliable communications to your customers starts with providing high quality products and system design to meet their requirements....click here for more...