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RPL Raedale Pty Ltd

Tuneable Crystal Filters

Solve Your Interferance Problems In High Noise Sites

Airports, Convention Centers, Shopping Centers, Military Facilities


Filters available in all Bands Single Antenna

Systems require TX Bypass Unit

Dealer Cost:         $ 1690.00 + GST

TX Bypass Unit   $ 1390.00 + GST


Why should you use an ACF?
● In order to get better reception because modern receivers are much more sensitive.
● Modern receivers are broadband, which does not allow the use of built-in preselector filters to reduce the overall received noise.
● No spectrum allocation rules are present in VHF and UHF bands, which does not prevent having Tx signals very close in frequency to Rx channels.
● RF spectrum is becoming more and more congested.

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Solve Your Interference Problems In High Noise Sites. Airports, Convention Centres, Shopping Centres, Military Facilities ......Click here for more...

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