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RPL RAEDALE “The Communication People”
RPL Raedale has been in the Communications Supply Business for over 40 years.

RPL RAEDALE. is one of the leading suppliers of Communications Equipment in Australia, manufacturing, exporting and importing equipment from The United States, Canada, and Europe. Raedale has enjoyed a steady growth over the last forty years starting from an importing only base with products for the communication industry.
The company formerly commenced trading in the seventies supplying Tone Products via other distributors. RPL Raedale Pty Ltd.  Head office is located at unit Unit 4, 7 Fortitude Crescent ,Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia.  The purpose of our business is to supply High Quality Products backed by RPL Raedale Quality assured service. Some of our  major products   Telewave Antenna Combining Systems, Midian Electronics Tone Signalling and Encryption,  Special Duplexers, BDA Repeaters and Raedale range of equipment Shelters featuring the “PASSCOOL” System. R.P.L. Raedale also has FREE Design and Consulting Services.
RPL Raedale has established a reputation within the communication industry as a company that supply and support top quality products. Raedale is the Australasian Distributor for Telewave Antenna Systems, Connect Systems Control Panels, Midian Tone Products, and IDA D.T.M.F. Microphones. RPL are the designers and manufactures of BDA Coverage Extension Equipment, Raedale also design and supply the "Passcool" range of Equipment Shelters.

Gary Grevis
Managing Director