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RP-76 Controller
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Control panels for all applications.

VOIP, trunking, area wide, paging, repeater panels, phone patches and more. Check out the specifications and manuals from the menu.

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RP-176 Controller
The RP-176 Brings 64 CTCSS and 112 DCS codes, 176 codes in all

Included are 14 CTCSS tones below 67.0 Hz   Use of these tones on some systems (e.g. law enforcement) could seriously reduce the threat of malicious activity. A 38 EIA Tone CTCSS Mode (plus 112 DCS codes of course) is also selectable. This mode restores proper operating width to some tones that are "squeezed" in 64 tone mode.

The model Flex IIIA is a high quality low cost CTCSS, DCS and LTR  conventional controller supporting 51 CTCSS tones, 112 DCS codes, 250 LTR codes per pannel. This product was introduced in 2006 and was the first controller to support all three formats. Programming the computer is by means of a windows based program running under Windows XP service pack 2 or Vista.