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 Fiplex Mobile DuplexerFiplex Master Optical Unit800 MHz Tower Mounted Amplifier

Your Wireless Coverage Authority

Since 1984, Fiplex Communications, Inc. designs and manufactures highly innovative and cost-effective electromagnetic devices and subsystems for commercial and military telecommunications applications.

We supply products and solutions for:

  • Two-Way Radio and Public Safety
  • Coverage extension (indoor and outdoor)
  • Broadcast (TV, digital TV an FM)

Fiplex is an engineering driven company, not a marketing company looking to sell another product line. We don´t just supply “off the shelf” products, but help the user to select a customized solution. In many cases, we work alongside the customer to resolve their communications problems. We are known as an agile company that can attend to the individual needs of our global market.

Our commitment is to deliver highly reliable, quality products. Through our constant research and development we, have a reputation of producing unique solutions, and quickly responding to your custom requests when needed. Our innovation is taking us to the forefront of the communications industry as our product line expands, and our reputation grows.